• Taitung, Taiwan
  • Nov 27th, 2020
  • 250 race spots available
This race is an XTRI World Tour prospect race


The first extreme triathlon in Taiwan will be an unforgettable experience. Swimming in the frigid river of eastern Taiwan. Riding to the Mount HeHuan at 2,100m altitude and trail running through Taiwan’s mountains to the Top of Mount Hehun and the finishing line.

This carefully chosen cycling route takes the same path as The Taiwan KOM Challenge, represent one of the most unforgiving and brutal hill climb cycling routes in the world.

The route passes through the popular scenic area known as Taroko Gorge, an immense rocky chasm with vertical cliffs, innumerable tunnels and raging torrents below. Nature has created so many breathtaking scenes which attract many famous cyclists.

Gasping for oxygen in the thin air, sweating in the freezing cold atmosphere, bearing a positive mindset is of utmost importance. If the average Triathlon event no longer satisfies, then “Formosa Xtreme Triathlon” will push you to new limits.

The Formosa Xtreme Triathlon is an Xtri World Tour Prospect Race.

Event course

  • StartXiuguluan River
  • T1Cawi Tribe
  • T2Bilu Giant Tree
  • T3Bilu Tunnel
  • FinishMount Wuling


I just enjoy doing the race so much! I’m the most happy when I’m 2-3 hours into the cycle. Then I am just so happy! I'm always singing out loud and I ruin my race, because I push too hard.

Hårek Stranheim, NO

I enjoy most the whole journey, which has its long festive day, where I can push myself a bit further with my team and all of this in astonishing surroundings.

Mikko Lehmuskoski, FI

Surroundings, friendship between teams and your team pushing you forward. Awesome feeling.

Mark Livesey, UK. BIB#97

That an xtri is not only with you on race day but from the moment you have an inkling it might be for you and then for the rest of the day. And I loved the soup on Gaustatoppen.

Thorsten Firlus, NO