• Global
  • July 1st to Oct 31st, 2020
    • 14 Segments
    • 637 km Total Distance
    • 2 Finisher Shirts
    • Win slots for XTRI Races
    • #myxtri


Here is your chance to fill the void in your XTRI Calendar.

We have created the ultimate remote participation Xtreme Triathlon.

The MyXTRI Global Challenge.

Based on our range of magnificent race courses, we offer you the opportunity to obtain an exclusive MyXTRI Global finishers shirt, gain extra chances in the XTRI draws and win an entry to the race of your choice in 2021* (via random draw).

The entire event consists of 14 segments, each representing one XTRI World Tour Race. All segments can be undertaken in the real world, on your virtual system or a mixture of both and you will report your results via your Race.se profile. You have the choice to pick individual segments to gain rewards or go for the full distance over time. The full distance is a huge 637 km. (Each segment is 5 Euro or you can enter them all for 50 Euro). You can complete them in any order.

Many segments also have height gain, If you cannot achieve this height gain due to your local conditions you can use our height compensator:
Riding: for every 100 metres of height required you can ride an extra 3 km.
Running: for every 100 metres of height required you can run an extra 1.5 km.

You have until October 31st to complete all 14 and be in with a chance of winning an XTRI entry.

To win a Blue Global Challenge Finishers Shirt you must complete the full distance, to win the White 226 Challenge Finisher Shirt you must complete at least 226 km over 3 disciplines

To gain 2 extra chances in a ballot of your choice you must complete the full distance or to gain 1 extra chance you must complete at least 225 km across any of the segments.

The grand prizes of 4 individual entries into an XTRI race* of your choice will be via random ballot across finishers of all 14 segments. Note that your trace files will be independently verified.


*The grand prize excludes Norseman as they run their own virtual series, but you can choose any other race.

Please note - by signing up to MyXTRI you acknowledge that all exercise undertaken in relation to this challenge is done so at your own risk.


  • If I complete more distance than the segment states, does this matter?No, absolutely not! This is fine and not a problem, as long as you complete the segment we don't mind if it is longer. The prizes are based on completion not time taken.
  • I cannot manage to achieve the heigh gain for my chosen segment due to local topography, what can I do?You can use our compensation calculator. For cycling it is 3 km extra distance for every 100m of acsent and for running it is 1.5 km for every 100m
  • Do I have to link a trace file of my activityIf you wish to receive a finisher shirt or be entered into the draws then we require some sort of proof that you have completed the segments. It also helps to create a ranking for discussion. It is not mandatory but if we cannot verify your activity we cannot award a finisher shirt.
  • I have registered for the Global Challenge but I can't see my name in the segment start lists?The lists are updated every weekday at 3pm CET, once updated you will be able to add your results.