• Eidfjord, Norway
  • Aug 6th, 2022
    • 250 race slots available
    • 5 Male and 5 Female World Championship Slots for 2023
XTRI World Championship in Extreme Triathlon

XTRI World Championship


This is not for you.

Nothing personal. But it’s not.

This is for people with fight.


And minds tougher than their bodies.

They’re not interested in being the best.

All they care about is besting themselves.

They’re no nonsense.

No hand-holding. No sugar-coating.

They’re in pursuit of something bigger.

Their team behind them, a smile on their face.

If that sounds good, then maybe we were wrong about you.

Event course

  • StartHardangerfjord
  • T1Eidfjord
  • T2Austbygdi
  • T3Gaustablikk
  • FinishGaustatoppen


I just enjoy doing the race so much! I’m the most happy when I’m 2-3 hours into the cycle. Then I am just so happy! I'm always singing out loud and I ruin my race, because I push too hard.

Hårek Stranheim, NO

I enjoy most the whole journey, which has its long festive day, where I can push myself a bit further with my team and all of this in astonishing surroundings.

Mikko Lehmuskoski, FI

Surroundings, friendship between teams and your team pushing you forward. Awesome feeling.

Mark Livesey, UK. BIB#97

That an xtri is not only with you on race day but from the moment you have an inkling it might be for you and then for the rest of the day. And I loved the soup on Gaustatoppen.

Thorsten Firlus, NO