• Park City, Utah, USA
  • September 11th, 2021
  • 250 race spots available
This race is an XTRI World Tour prospect race

Starvation XTRI

This course will challenge you like no other. From the brisk swim, to the punishing elevation on the bike, to the technical running course... YOU WILL be challenged, you will be pushed, you will find your limits. Are you ready?

Traditional triathlon is the worst spectator sport! Some races you merely catch a glimpse of your loved ones racing or on the sidelines for only but a few moments throughout what can be a long day. With Starvation, your friends and family are your support crew actively involved in the race! They are with you along your journey providing you encouragement and nourishment and sharing in the challenge. 

You will truly find your limits on our course... it's designed to do so. Our goal is to take you to that edge where you come face to face with who you are and what you are capable of. We feel that it's in those moments that you step closer towards becoming the absolute best version of yourself!


I just enjoy doing the race so much! I’m the most happy when I’m 2-3 hours into the cycle. Then I am just so happy! I'm always singing out loud and I ruin my race, because I push too hard.

Hårek Stranheim, NO

I enjoy most the whole journey, which has its long festive day, where I can push myself a bit further with my team and all of this in astonishing surroundings.

Mikko Lehmuskoski, FI

Surroundings, friendship between teams and your team pushing you forward. Awesome feeling.

Mark Livesey, UK. BIB#97

That an xtri is not only with you on race day but from the moment you have an inkling it might be for you and then for the rest of the day. And I loved the soup on Gaustatoppen.

Thorsten Firlus, NO