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At XTRI World Tour we realise that it can be daunting to take the first step into the world of Xtreme Triathlon. We have teamed up with the best XTRI specific coaches in the business to offer you the possibility of receiving a training program tailored to your XTRI journey. XTRI is different from traditional long course events in many ways. Our races are tougher, more technical, include altitude and ascent, cold water, trail running sections and of course the support element is also something to seriously prepare for.

Get in touch below and we will put you in contact with one of our official coaches.

Alan CardwellScotland

Alan is a highly energetic, enthusiastic coach and has been involved with sports his whole life and triathlon since 1993.

Coaching in tri since 2009, coaching XTRI since 2013 and coaching teams in business since 1988.

Alan is a BTF Level 2 diploma holder, Coach educator and assessor, Swim Smooth Coach and is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

As an athlete, Alan’s results are modest with a GB representation, 4 Scottish age group medals and the occasional outright podium. Alan understands perfectly the balance between a person’s career, family and sporting addictions. At 53 he still competes and hopes to do Celtman 2020.

Alan’s highlights as a coach include 3 XTRI wins, multiple top 10’s at Xtri, Kona Qualifiers, National champions, and 4 x 70.3 . age group wins. Oh and an Olympic medal! He has direct experience of Celtman, Norseman, Canadaman, Hispaman and Patoganman. Also Thorxtri, The Brutal ( and double) and Triathlon X.

Chris KnightEngland

Chris, a co-founder of ikonix coaching he is a British elite age-group athlete and a well travelled, experienced triathlon coach with a quick wit and keen sense of humour. Chris is a BTF Level 2 Coach, holds a Level 3 Diploma in Sports Nutrition and a Diploma in Swedish Massage; he is currently studying a Diploma in Remedial & Sports Massage.

He is a decorated British Army veteran who has successfully embraced a multitude of grueling fitness and stamina challenges throughout his life, including the toughest physical and psychological endurance tests for elite British Forces.

He was the 2017 Alaskaman Xtri Masters Champion, finishing 4th overall. Chris has represented GB as an age group athlete at the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships. He is also an Ironman and 70.3 World Championship qualifier.

Chris is a member of the Norseman Xtri black t-shirt finisher club. In 2018 alone, he successfully completed 4 Xtri World Tour events, Celtman, Swissman, Swedeman and the ICON. Chris also enjoys undertaking ultra-running events. He knows that dedication and commitment transfer your dream into a reality.

Chris’ humility has guided him naturally from athlete to coach. For decades, he has successfully coached others in a variety of specialised skills. He has an extraordinary ability to put you at ease by considering both the physical and psychological preparation needed to overcome your challenges.

Chris creates achievable training plans that steer you safely to your goals. He has successfully coached athletes to complete 70.3, full Ironman, ultra running races and Xtri World Tour events.

Graeme StewartScotland

Graeme got involved in sports at University and completed his first sprint triathlon in 2003. He immersed himself in the world of triathlon and training, becoming one of the UK's fastest amateur Ironman athletes (8hrs 16min 42sec).

University sport also nurtured his interest in coaching and helping others in a way that worked hand in with his studies. Graeme is interested in working with all abilities from the fastest to the slowest but is most humbled to work with those who want to be the best they can be and overcome there own individual hurdles.

He finished his first long distance triathlon in 2006 just months after submitting his PhD thesis. In 2019 he finished his 21st at the Ironman World championships in Hawaii where his wife Jennifer also raced and 3 year old daughter ran her first Iron Kids.

In between he followed his passion for the outdoors and the road less travelled, to date having 7x XTRI finishes under his belt. This including 4x Norseman finishes as high as 4th place and a fastest time of 10:26:48. He also has 2x wins in Scotland and Sweden. 

He has experience of supporting multiple Celtman! races and has coached many athletes to successful XTRI finishes across the world including several top results and wins.  

Graeme has held the BTF Level 3 qualification since 2013, was Scottish triathlon performance coach of the year and works closely with Training Peaks holding the Level2 accreditation.

Graeme coaches independently out of Inverness where he has a swim squad and offers sessions at his endless pool. 

Johan HasselmarkSweden

Johan Hasselmark has a solid 30 years of endurance sports experience. He has 5 years coaching experience and runs Aktivitus in Stockholm, Sweden's leading coach and test operations within endurance sports.

Aktivitus uses an evidence/scientific based approach to training and performance. Using advanced tests (lactate measured threshold tests, VO2max tests etc.) to map and get the accurate individual capacities, intensity zones and training responses.

As an athlete himself Johan Hasselmark has been at international top level in adventure racing for 15 years. Johan has two XTRI wins (Celtman 2014 and 2019) and finished Norseman 2019 in the XTRI World Championships. In multisports and adventure racing he has several international and national wins.

Johan and Aktivitus have a vast track record of coaching athletes in most endurance sports, from beginners to elite/professionals. Within triathlon and XTRI there are several Clients who are Kona qualifiers, AG winners, XTRI winners and podium results.

Sami WinterUnited States of America

Sami began her triathlon experience on a whim, not being able to swim 25 yards in a pool and not even having a proper bike. She has earned the nickname “Mighty Mouse” by displaying a huge passion for striving to conquer any goal that comes here way. She has progressed to a strong Age Group athlete having completed 107 triathlons of all distances, 21 Iron Distance events, including 4 X-Tri races. She has completed the Ironman World Championships in Kona and 2 AG World Championship 70.3 events. She has qualified for the Boston Marathon 9 times and her favourite race is still Escape from Alcatraz. But her athletic accomplishments do not tell the full story, as Coach Sami thrives on empowering her athletes through a strong training program, but also by building a strong self-belief in themselves that guide them to the finish line.

As a coach she is a USAT Level II Coach, USAC Level II, Swim Speed Secrets Certified, Road Runners Level I and Training Peaks Level II Accredited. She has coached over 110 athletes to the Ironman Finish line including races all over the world. She has coached 100 mile ultra trail runner finishers, as well as X-Tri finishers and has experience with over 200 athletes. She doesn't hesitate to collaborate with strength coaches, sports nutritionists or any other Coach that will ensure success for her athletes.

Her tenets are performance, lifestyle and vision and she believes athlete/coach communication is the true key to success. It is through the technical periodization of the training plan and relationship building that she can empower her athletes to build a strong vision for THEIR future. She understands all the time commitment that is involved as she continues to race at the Grand Master Level. As a woman, she has taken an interest in special adaptations needed to build strength and mobility. As a Grand Master, she also understands the nuances of training that are required to continue to race at a higher level. Coach Sami is also Race Director of IRONMAN 70.3 North Carolina and takes a great interest in providing an awesome race experience for everyone in the sport. In 2019 she was Nominated as Coach of the Year through Outspoken, a conference empowering women to achieve success through sport.

Lucas BenjaminBrazil

Lucas has been a coach in Brazil since 2007.

He graduated in Physical Education from FEFISA (3-year course), Bachelor from FMU University and Post Graduate in Exercise Physiology from Estácio de Sá University, Lucas has always been present in sports, as an amateur athlete and coach.

From 2013 Lucas began his coaching work with street race athletes, on-road and off-road triathlon, MTB and Ultramarathons.

In 2016, he founded KAHA MULTISPORT Company, which specializes in training for XTRI and Mountain Sports. Kaha Multisport is the only company specialized in XTRI in Latin America.

As a coach, Lucas advises athlete in Brazil and in the USA. His athletes participate in Trail Run Ultramarathons, MTB Stage Ultramarathons, various Marathons, Ironmans, Xterra and various XTRIs around the world (Swissman, Norseman, Celtman, Austria Xtri, Stonebrixiaman, Pirene Xtri, Patagonman).

As an athlete, Lucas took part in events such as Brasil Ride (MTB internships), Xterra (2010/2012 World Championship), was National Champion Age Group in 2010 and Vice Champion in 2012 of Xterra.

First Brazilian to get Blue T-Shirt in Celtman XTRI, first Brazilian to be Finisher in Stonebrixiaman Xtri, Black T-shirt and best time for a Brazilian in Norseman XTRI and First Brazilian to participate in Pirene Xtri winning 6th overall.

In 2020, Lucas and 4 other Kaha Multisport athletes are enrolled in Swissman XTRI.

Matteo TorreItaly

Matteo is a relatively new to Endurance sport yet already highly experienced in both Long\Ultra distance and high performance coaching. He’s been working in the field since 2013, while having fun doing triathlon, ultratrailand alpine skiing.

With a previous career in the racing and sports car industry at Ferrari, he decided to follow his passion for endurance sports literally transferring the development method of high performance vehicles to long distance triathlete and runners.

Matteo is a FITRI (Italian Triathon Federation) Level 3 diploma holder and is specialized in human performance analysis. In this role he is part of the Italian Paratriathlon coaching staff working on the Tokyo2020 project. He’s also educator for Data analysis classes at FITRI.

Mathematical engines, statistics and algorithms are bread and butter for Matteo but numbers have no values without mutual trust, strong communication and a solid process. He’s more sensitive than he likes to show to his AGs forwhom he tries always to design a roadmap aimed to personal improvement before than just performance.

Andrew FastUnited States of America

Andrew Fast is dedicated to helping athletes thrive. Fast has been racing as a professional triathlete and trail runner for the last eight years and is a two time Alaskaman champion. As a coach Fast implements an evidence based approach. Clients can expect a customized program that builds and sharpens fitness that is unique to the Xtri racing format.

Preparation for long course racing takes time and builds upon itself session to session and season to season. “I enjoy working with any athlete who is invested in their process,” says Fast of his coaching philosophy. Absorbing the training load hinges on life outside of training. The foundation of any program Fast writes is adapted to the specific needs of the athlete and is established through clear and effective communication.

Fast lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife Alycia, who is also an accomplished professional triathlete. He is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. When not coaching and racing, you can find him in the clinic treating mountain and endurance athletes, helping them get back to doing what they love.

Samir RosolemChile

Co-founder and crew member of Patagonman XTRI, coach Samir Rosolem lives and breathes endurance sports. A classic case of resorting to running for health issues in his late 20s, Samir has taken all the steps as an endurance athlete, from 5K's, to marathons, shorts, olympics, 70.3 to full triathlon distances, collecting knowledge, love and above all, experience on the way.

An Ironman Certified Coach, qualified by the Olympic Bureau Chile and the Chilean Triathlon Federation, this Brazilian is all about relationship and involvement with his athletes. He strongly believes that coaching is a holistic process where many different factors other than technicality and workouts are to be considered for each and every athlete’s goal.

70.3 2019 World Championship finisher and a forever "student", Samir specialises in training people with time constraint but also willing to achieve greatness at sport.

All in the pursuit to help people on their quest to a better self

Mark LiveseyEngland

Mark Livesey has been deeply immersed in triathlon for over 25 years; racing, coaching and commentating. He has moved into XTRI in recent years, completing Patagonman, Canadaman and Fodaxman. He has a strong reputation and has developed his own coaching and training platform ( to make sure he (and other coaches) can deliver coaching to athletes as effectively as possible with communication as the focus. Based on his 20 years as a physical training instructor in the military and his ongoing experience in the sport, Mark has developed methods and training strategies which have been proven to work time and again but continue to evolve. Mark’s no nonsense, comedic approach ensures athletes develop both mental and physical strength while enjoying what they do.

Caroline LiveseyEngland

Caroline started triathlon as a total novice in 2003. Having worked hard to progress in each of the three sports, she has now been competing as a professional triathlete for 6 years with numerous notable results including IM PRO podiums and winning Canadaman XTRI in 2019. She is also an experienced support crew member having supported Mark in numerous extreme triathlon races. Caroline has also been coaching for over 10 years and is particularly interested in the mental aspect of the sport. She helps athletes to meet their potential through a combination of balanced training and attention to race focus. She has coached athletes to success in all sorts of extreme challenges including the coveted black t-shirt at Norseman.

James Lawrence

James Lawrence -
Iron Cowboy

Location based
Lindon Utah


Number of years as a coach

Any notable results
Guinness World Record for most 70.3 in a year (2010).
Guinness World Record for most 140.6 in a year (2012).
50 Full Distance Triathlons, 50 Consecutive days, All 50 States.
Norseman, Celtman, Swissman, Patagonman.
Biked up Mount Kilimanjaro.
Ran 235 miles across Greece.
Kona X 1
70.3 World Championships X 3

Favourite quote
The secret to success is doing a lot of little things over a long period of time.

Christian Malmström

Christian MalmströmUSA

Christian has been pushing limits within triathlon, swimrun and ultramarathoning since 2007. In 2014 he finished Norseman and fell in love with the XTRI format of racing.
He started coaching Ironman athletes in 2012 and has worked with over 300 athletes ranging from first timers to Kona qualifiers and of course XTRI finishers. He uses a holistic perspective where the athletic development of an athlete is only one part of the puzzle.
With a strong emphasis on the journey of personal development through endurance sports he combines his experience as a triathlon coach with ancient philosophical ideas (like stoicism) and new psychological research on peak performance, habits, happiness and change.
He was one of the first in the world to get the Ironman University accreditation as an Ironman certified coach and has additional coach certifications from Optimize and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) bringing many different methods including mental training.
As a father of three and entrepreneur he understands the challenges of work-life balance and a cornerstone in his coaching philosophy is that each session needs to have a purpose. Sometimes this purpose is not only physical development but also to build the mental muscles gradually.
Christian is a strong believer that we can endure so much more than we think if we combine courage with good habits and gradual development both on the physical and mental side of performance.
His passion for coaching comes from seeing people explore their full potential and coming out as improved individuals at the other end.

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